So many wonderful things happened in Louisiana that i decided i would break this post up into several parts.

Several months ago i contacted my cousins and asked if they wanted to meet up for Memoria Day. They all agreed and so it worked out just perfectly. I love getting to see my family. When we were kids, we saw each other SO much. But as we went off to college visits were few and far between. Anytime that i get to spend with them is so precious and even better now that i have a nephew and a niece on the way!
The chihuahua’s do SO well riding in the car. We set up their bed in the backseat and so they mostly just cuddled together all the way. Every now and again they wanted to look out of the window, but mostly, they just slept.

Beaux & Liam Sleeping

Beaux & I relaxing while Ry Drives.
Our first stop when we arrived to Lafayette was Lagneaux’s. Lagneaux’s looks like a shack, but they have a seafood buffet. Ry LOVES going there!

Mom with her Shrimp.
We arrived pretty late on Friday, so we basically went to sleep after going to Lagneaux’s. The next morning we woke up and headed to Aunt Ju Ju’s house. On our way, we stopped at my Dads Mother’s house. I haven’t really seen her all that much in my life, but we wanted to stop in, let her meet Ryan, and give her a DVD of our wedding. She has this HUE pot belly pig. We took a video of her feeding him, which i will try to load later. But you can see a picture of him below. Beauxregard did not like the pig.

Maw Maw Mrytle & I

Ry, Me, Liam, Beauxregard, Mrytle, and Dad

Mrytle’s Pig.
Shortly after our visit we arrived at Aunt Ju Ju’s house. Here are some of the first pictures we took after our arrival.
Ry, LB, and Noah

Noah & I
Noah is my nephew and this was my first time meeting him. He is such a cutie. I love him so much!!

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