Brotherly Love

Liam and Beauxregard managed to squeeze together into Beaux’s tiny little bed. Aren’t they cute?

For those of you who have been praying for Liam, i just want to say THANK YOU!
I am not even exaggerating when the Dr. said she was blown away by how quickly he is healing. His Left eye (The White One) is 100 % healed. That is the eye that we originally knew was injured because it was super swollen. The eye was cut 90% down into the cornea.
The right eye (The Black One) is the eye that had to have the surgery. We didnt know that this eye had even been injurred until we went to the dog optimologist a week after the original injury. She immediately began treating it and it didnt progress in healing at all so that is why we decided to have the surgery. She was nervous about the coloration of the wound and she was really glad we did the surgery.
When we went in for our check-up, she said that it had signs of healing that normally take 3 weeks to show. I told her it was because he was on every prayer chain from here to the MS. She thought that was funny, but was seriously blown away by the healing progress.
We got back next Thursday and she is hopeful that Liam can begin to take the cone off when we were are at home! YAY. He will be so happy. Although the cone has become part of his life, i know he is ready to have it off.
We haven’t even had him for 2 months, and he has already been through so much. His rehab is coming along as well. He is very loving towards new people, which was not the norm when we got him, and he is gaining weight. His bones are barely visible anymore, which is so great!

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