You Say Goodbye, I’ll Say Hello.

Tomorrow is the end of the beginning for moi’.

I don’t talk much about my job on the blog, but i have been working for OneWest Bank for 3 years. It was my 1st “Corporate America” gig and i LOVED it. It definitely had its stresses, but the enriching life experience, and work experience that i gained were definitely worth all of the stress.

Tomorrow, i will say goodbye to OneWest Bank as i start on a new endeavor–working for my Dad.

I would consider my Dad to be a successful businessman. Although he wouldnt like to admit it, he is getting older (But still very hip!!) and needs my help.

We have already started making improvements to his business and i am looking forward to what the future holds.

I have a lot to learn about the Safety Training business, but after starting from Ground 0 at OneWest, i know that i can learn anything and any challange i face, i will figure it out and do my best to get it done right!

My job at OneWest was definitely a blessing from God. But i know that God was just preparing for this next part of my life (As he ALWAYS does). I will miss my boss, but thankfully we can remain friends and i will miss the countless number of employees that i helped on a daily basis. i hope that in everything i do, i can continue to be a servant to all, and continue to truly love others and want the best for them.

Yay for new endeavors!




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