Will hike for food.

I am finally back in TX, and i am SO glad to be home. Louisiana was a ton of fun. I helped out my Dad a lot, and learned a alot, and i actually helped my mom some too! We cleaned out EVERY closet in her house. Needless to say, i am in a total NAPA organizing frenzy as well.

I am even in the midst of a closet sale!!

Anywho, Ry & I are blessed with the most amazing friends. We spent last evening over at our lovely friends apartment for dinner. They have THE MOST amazing view of the South San Gabriel River in Georgetown. It was absolutely stunning.

They have HUGE turtles, and we fed them bagles. I never knew turtles could swim so fast. After a very yummy dinner, complete with personalized picture coasters, we headed down to the river to get a closer look at the turtles.

I was in flip flops and a maxi dress and was impressed at my ability to hike up and down rocks and through wild brush completely unprepared. I figured this would good training for our upcoming Alaskan adventure (Dont worry April, i promise not to wear a maxi dress/flip flips or any type of fancy heels while in AK).

All in all, hanging with Danielle and Elliot was a lot of fun, and the post-dinner hike helped me from feeling guilty about the amazing tacos i consumed.

This weekend we are venturing to see the Avett Brothers.

If you havent heard their music, check it out! So thankful for Elliot & Danielle for introducing us.

Until i blog again, much love to you!




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