Onyx + Pearl Launch & Other Weekend Festivities.

Yesterday, Ryan & I started off SUPER early in the morning. We wanted to re-mulch some areas in our yard, and we definitely wanted to get it done prior to the million degree hit really started hitting us.

We woke up around 6:30, made some coffee and headed over to a local rock/mulch landscape company to pick up the items we would need. I must admit that i was a tad grumpy but i finally got over it and started to enjoy the moment. Working with husband and helping him is rewarding and honestly, it is just part of what marriage is. Everyone has to give 120% even when you are grumpy. Attitude really is everything and does make a big difference. Thankfully, i got over mine, and enjoyed the rest of the day!!

We finished out yard project around 10:30, and started getting ready for the day. We were planning to take Ry’s Grandmother to lunch for her birthday. Her Birthday is actually during the week we will be in Alaska so we definitely wanted to see her before.

She really had a great time at lunch and we laughed a lot. She is SO precious. I just love her. She had never been to PF Changs so we were glad we could give her a new experience! She liked it too!! Here are some pictures:

Ry & Grandma Alice

I told Grandma this was her “fierce” look. 

Cracking up.
After this, we headed home for a quick power nap. The sun really made me so sleepy and so i knew i needed a nap if i wanted to make it through the day. After our nap, we headed downtown to Langford Market to check out the Onyx + Pearl Launch. You can click on the link to go to their website, or you can Like them on FB by click here

Ashley, the mastermind behind Onyx + Pearl, and I used to go to church together. She is such a beautiful person, and really created something uniquely beautiful with her luxurious scarf line.

If you are looking for that perfect winter accessory, Onyx + Pearl has just what you need!!

Heather from Created Woman & i posing for a quick pic. 

Heather & Ashley looking Fab in Onyx + Pearl. 
After this, we headed over to Ryan’s Tia’s house for a quick family BBQ and then came home and watched “The Kings Speech.” 
This morning, Ry made me french toast and turkey bacon 🙂 So yummy. 
I hope you all had a fab weekend!! 
Be looking forward to my “Fancy Lady’s Guide” to Alaska post coming this week!! 

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