Fancy’s Favorite Things

Get ready ya’ll!!!!!! Its time for “Fancy’s Favorite Things.” Oh how i wish, i could give everyone all of these amazing gifts and products like Oprah joyously did for years on her talk show. I may not be able to actually purchase these items for you, but I hope by raising awareness, your life will be changed.

Wanderlust Boutique and Gallery Terrarium Kits

The gift that keeps on giving. Husband & I have succulents as party favors for our wedding and SO many people still have theirs today. I love that.
The Terarium kits from Wanderlust are a great way to give someone a gift that they can maintain throughout the year and remember you every time they open it. They have both a “Small” and “Large” option! 

 J Crew Belt Bow

I just love this dainty little belt from J. Crew. It’s so feminine and could easily be paired with many different styles and looks.

Swarovski Crystal MacBook Air Case

This is completely unnecessary, but oh so necessary ALL at the same time. I LOVE this, and would die to dress up my baby MAC with this pretty, little thing. 
MAC Pigment Gift Sets

I LOVE the pigment and lip-glass sets that MAC offers each Christmas. The pigments last FOREVER and the colors are so vivid. This one is called “Guilty Passions” and it is absolutely GORG. 

Radient Cosmetics 

This is definitely a gift with a purpose. Every time you buy Radiant Cosmetics, you are helping to stop human trafficking. Every girl needs make-up so why not buy your make-up and help support a cause we should all be passionate about as women.

State Charms Necklace

I have been dying to find a simple charm to grace my neckline with, and i think i may have found the perfect thing. A way to show love to my home state, Louisiana, and have a great piece of jewelry to show off! 
Onyx + Pearl Scarf
I have been DYING to get my hands on one of these. I happen to know the creator of these gorgeous pieces and she is super talented. If you are looking for that perfectly, charming gift to give a mom, grandmother, or really special friend, look no further. Visit their website by clicking here or the link button below. 

Rodarte for Starbucks to-go coffee cup
When i first saw these gorgeous cups, i knew i needed it in my life. I didn’t even know it was designer. When i went on the search to get it, i saw that Rodarte and Starbucks collaborated and created some great things, including a coffee sleeve, jute tote, and of course this gorgeous mug. The pictures honestly don’t do it justice.

Henri Bendel 
I couldn’t pick just one item so i will share 2. I love, love, love Bendel’s jewels. A simply piece to add to your collection without hurting your pocketbook. 

I hope you enjoyed “Fancy’s Favorite things.” Sorry for my long hiatus. Things have been really crazy around these parts! 
Love you all!! Merry Christmas!

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