Christmas DIY–Made with Love

This year for Christmas Ryan & I kept things on a major budget because we decided to host a charity party. We still wanted to give our friends a little something to say we loved them, so i decided to make Terrariums.

Gathering the supplies was the most time consuming part of this project. Making them was SO much fun!


Rocks (Dollar Tree)
Glass Containers (Michael’s)
Activated Carbon or Charcoal (Petco) – This helps keep your Terrarium from molding
Soil (My Garage)
Dried Moss (Michaels)
Succulents/Cacti (Any home improvement store or local plant nursery)

1st Layer the bottom of your glass container with rocks. They honestly will disappear once you add in the potting soil/Carbon so dont put too many.

Next, add the Activated Carbon along with a layer of soil.

Next, add in your plants and then slowly add in soil around them. Once they are in and secure, add in more rocks and the dried moss. This is totally based on your aesthetic so get creative!

I did not add in any figurines, but you totally can do that too!

If you feel this is too much work, you can always purchase Terrariums already made. If you read my Fancy’s favorite Things post, you could contact Wanderlust Boutique and Gallery to get their Terrarium kits! All of the items are ready to go so that will save you some trips.

Here are how mine came out:

I was really pleased with how mine came out. I honestly am not patient with crafts, but this project was really enjoyable! Be sure to wear gloves if you get prickly cacti! 

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