Friends-Mas 2012

We really are blessed with the greatest friends.

This year besides the Cases for Christmas party we hosted along with some of those great friends, we wanted to do something for those closest to us! I made each of the couples closest to us a homemade Terrarium, which i posted about here and we had then over for some wine & cheese + amazing cocktail weinies + meatballs, one of my fav combos!

We had a blast and loved spending precious time with our friends!!

Hubby on Keys
Me, Kristin, Danielle, Amber, & Ellyn


Danielle & Me
Kristin & Me
Ellyn, me, & Amber (Plus Baby McCarthy)

Ben, Ry & Liam, Elliot & Beauxregard

Elliot & Ry

Ellen & Me
Wishing you a Merry Little Christmas! Remember the beauty and joy of Christmas. Jesus, light of the world. 
F.L. & RyRo

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