Riojas’ Family Stay-cation 2012

My husband’s family decided to have Christmas with me early since they knew i was going to be coming to Louisiana where i am from for the Christmas Holidays!

I came to Louisiana a bit early because my Dad had a knee replacement surgery, and Ryan will join me next week (Which i can not wait for)!!!

We spent last Sunday with Ryan’s grandparents. His Grandma made tamales and they were AMAZING! We then went to San Antonio to eat Mexican and do a River Walk Light Tour! It was such a good time. I love spending time with my family. I really am so blessed to have them!

The lights on the River Walk were beautiful, and for a little extra, you can go on a tour on a boat with a guide who tells you the history of the River Walk and parts of San Antonio! It was so great! I highly recommend doing it. We also ate at the oldest restaurant on the River Walk, Casa Rio. It was SUPER yummy!

Grandpa Benny & Hanny

Father in Law–Ralphie

Grandma Alice & Sophie

Ready for prizes

Sophie! She loves owls! 

Ralph, me, & Ry on Riverwalk

Hubby and me

Soph & Ralph

Ralph & Ry

Gorgeous Hanny & Ry

All of us on the boat ready for the tour! 

Hubby & I @ Casa Rio! 
What traditions do you and your family have? 


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