Cases for Christmas

This year for Christmas, Hubby & I decide to do something a bit different. Last year we had an amazing Christmas party with our friends. We laughed, exchanged gifts, and even had an ugly sweater fashion show. When Ry & I started thinking about what our Christmas would look like this year, we knew that we needed to do something else.

Ry gave me full authority to take it & run, so i did. I ran straight to my amazing girlfriends who are all super intelligent and creative ladies. Heather, Stacy, Angie, Ashley, & Ashanti & I  met around my kitchen table, and they loved the idea of hosting a Charity Event to benefit Project Care Case, a local organization who helps kids in foster care by providing them with suitcases filled with items they need.

Next we needed a place to host, and Wanderlust Boutique and gallery, graciously, allowed us to use their AMAZING space for FREE. When hosting any event, venue is super important. I knew I wanted this to be a chic night filled with fun and Wanderlust provided the perfect atmosphere.

Ashley had the idea of calling it Project Care Case, so with a name for our event, a purpose, and a location, we were ready to go. My amazing friend Tiffany designed our logo and with that, the event started to take shape. Not only did she design our logo but she took so many amazing photos of the night!

Deep Eddy Vodka, provided drinks for FREE and even sent a server out to serve our guest in style. Simply Regal Provided Small Bites for our guest to enjoy, and SugaPlump provided sweet treats. My sweet friend, Amanda, also made some yummy cakeballs for us to enjoy as well.

The event was published in both Austin Tidbits and Austin Monthly, which was HUGE.

 So many amazing Sponsors gave items to both our Silent Auction & Swag Bags (To see a list, visit our event page, by clicking here. )

I even asked a local church if they would be willing to do a drive to help add to the donations we would be receiving from the guest at the event. They agreed, and provided us with so many items.

Bijou Handcrafted made me these great necklaces for our swag bags as well:

Aren’t they great?!
All of the below photos are by Tiffany Winters

Gorgeous painting by Juell L Scott

Swanky Swag

Sign created by my friend Danielle & hanging ornaments by my friend Jaclyn & Ellyn! 

Volunteer Meeting! 

Stacy & I having a serious moment with Chris 

Amazing food provided by Simply Regal

Cobi Collins from MaryKay set up shop & sold products! A portion of the proceeds went to PCC. 
Danielle & I 
Kristin & I 

Danielle & Elltio

My Mother in law and her BFF Slyvia

Cobi Collins from Mary Kay

Music by Harp on it! 

Jenny Garcia from MaryKay greeted all the guest as they came in! 

All in all, the event was so successful. I am eternally grateful to all of my friends for helping out and helping to make this a success. We raised well over 1,600.00 for charity & collected dozens of suitcases and other items for local foster kids. 
Project Care Case needs help year round. To get on their mailing list simply visit their webpage for more information! 
Find a way to serve your local community this year! 
F.L. & RyRo


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