Christmas in LA

Ryan & I have enjoyed our time visiting with my parents in LA for Christmas. We ate jambalaya, gumbo, & some other cajun favorites and are looking forward to getting back into our “normal” healthy eating routine again.

Christmas Eve we went to East Bayou as well as Our Saviors. East Bayou was the church i grew up in, but haven’t attended in several years, and Our Saviors is a church we really enjoy visiting when we are in town. We shared in the Lords Supper and the service was really great.

I am praying that in 2013, I learn to stop sweating the small stuff. For the most part i am pretty easy going, but it is just certain things that get under my skin and i really allow them to affect my mood and attitude. I really want to learn to stop letting things bother me that in the long run don’t matter and learn to find joy and be thankful for each day more and more.

For Christmas Eve i wore a super classy dress from ZARA that i got on sale for 20.00! I love this dress. It looks like a million dollars, but didnt cost that much! Fancy on a budget.

Rocking my Moxie Lip Color from Radiant Cosmetics

Hubby & I at church. 

Service at Our Saviors Church. Such an incredible service. Very worshipful. 
After church we headed back home to have hot chocolate and biscuits, a Smith family tradition. I snuggled with Beaux and Lili and they were just too cute sleeping to not snap a picture. If you follow me on instagram, you are probably sick of my Beauxregard and Liam pictures, but they are just SO adorable. So, sorry! 


Christmas morning, my mom and i got all dolled up, even though we were just having gumbo at the house, and snapped a quick pic! My mom is so pretty.

My mom got me the most gorgeous set of jewels (The black bracelet) with matching statement necklace, and earrings, and Ry got me the gorgeous gold bracelet! I love it so much! 

A snap of my wedding ring/bands mixed in with my new rose gold ring from Wanderlust Boutique in Austin. 

Hubby rocking his Rag and Bone Cardi from the Neiman Marcus for Target Collection. 

Ry got a tool set with over 100 pieces. He loved it! 
After we spent the day relaxing and eating, we headed over to the movies to see Les Mis. It was incredible. If you haven’t seen it yet, i highly recommend it. 

I hope you had a very blessed and Merry Christmas! 


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