Post-Christmas Fun

The day after Christmas, my Aunt JuJu came to town with her son and his wife, and my PRECIOUS nephew, Noah. He is just so adorable. I wish my other cousin could have come with his family and my Shelby girl, but it was nice to get to spend time with Noah. 
He had just arrived and was ready to eat! 
We spent the day watching family videos of us all playing when we were little. I LOVE watching family videos. I dont know why, but i always have enjoyed it. This was a cute shot of my mom and my sister laughing with my aunt. 

More Noah shots! Too adorable.

JuJu with Noah–Look at the love in those eyes!! So precious. He is SO blessed to have such a great grandmother! 

Noah + JuJu

Noah and Aunt Amy laughing during a photo shoot we were having together! 🙂

Noah + Uncle Ryan
We ventured out on a little shopping trip to target and Mignot Faget. Noah was SO good the whole time. He didnt cry or get fussy at all. We had a little photo shoot in the middle of the “unmentionables” section at target. It just happened to be where the buggy was parked and i just had to get some shots of his precious face. His eyes are SO pretty!! 

Loved getting to see this little man!!

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