2012 ReCap

I love looking back through all of the photo’s on my phone throughout the year.

Big things happened this year:

LiLi came into our lives.
Husband & I celebrated 1 year of marriage together.
I threw my 1st charity event.
I changed my career.
We visited Alaska for 2 weeks.
Ryan started Graduate school, and finished his first year with all A’s.
I had both a nephew and a niece born this year.
I went on a Bachelorette Cruise with one of my dearest friends.
We had several friends get both engaged/married.
Went black Friday shopping for the first time.
Thought i was going to have to have surgery, but didnt.
Got a hand written thank you card from Louis Vuitton 🙂
This is husbands last year in his 20’s.
Saw Ryan Lochte and other Olympians swim at the 2012 Winter National Championships in Austin.
I went to SeaWorld for the 1st Time.
My Aunt Judy/Uncle Charlie came to visit for a week and we had a blast.

Hanny’s Jr. Year Mum. I love her. She is growing so fast. 
At Dominique & Brandon’s Wedding
Getting some love from Nana. 

LiLi on way to the vet. He knows. 

My Shelby Girl. I just can’t get enough. 

Ry & I in AK.
Dustin, Rachel, Noah & I + Noah Preciousness..Adorable.

My sweet Noah Man & Precious Shelby Girl. 

San Antonio with the Family on a gorgeous fall day. 
Brothers and Best Friends

My gorg friend’s Bachelorette Cruise–We had such a blast. 
Hubby & I celebrating 1 year @ the JW Hill Country Resort

LiLi being sweet. 

Created Woman Launch Party

Aunt juJu and I relaxing by the fire @ the JW Mariott Hill country Resort. 

Hubby & I pre-Sea World. Shamu totally changed my life. 
Hand written note from Louis V. Store. They spelled my name “Arojas.” Oh Well, i’ll take it. 

The boys after shopping on Black Friday @ the Domain. They were exhausted. 
Black Friday Shopping Spree with Sophadof, Hanny, and Ry.
Cases for Christmas Spot in Austin Monthly Dec. 2012
San Antonio Christmas with the Riojas’

Acadian Village

Friends-Mas 🙂

Baby Dominic–Ryan’s Cousins Precious baby. Love him So much. 

New Christmas Stockings

Lochte @ Winter National Swim Championships

Kay & I before “Lochte Stalking.”

2012 was a GREAT Year. Things are only getting better in 2013! 
Wishing you peace & joy in the new year. 

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