Visit from Up Above

Things have finally settled down around these parts!

Ry & I have been busy entertaining visitors from Alaska and My Mom and Aunt from Louisiana!

We really had such a blast visiting with everyone. It was so nice to have them all here!

My mom and Aunt and i found time to craft admist all the visiting! We had a lot of fun. My mom is the master of arts and crafts. She is super talented. I was supposed to make this wreath on my own, but pretty much she took over! 

Aunt JuJu Crafting

The finished product! 

My Valentines Day Wreath! 
Later that day, we celebrated my sisters boyfriends birthday! It was a ton of fun. My sisters friend from childhood came in from Houston. I hadn’t seen her in years so it was really great to see her! I am actually named after her 🙂 So its really nice to see her as a grown-up! 
Me, Aimee, and my Sister! 

Amy & Aimee

Photo Bomb!! 

All the ladies!!! 
We had such a great time with everyone! We love spending time with family!!!! 


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