Crime Fighters & Friends…

Today I am so honored to be able to celebrate the union of my beloved friend, Stacy, to her love Jimmy.

Ryan & I along with one of our friends, Skip, will be singing during their ceremony and feel so blessed and honored that we were asked to be apart of her special day.

Stacy is a true friend to both Ryan & I. She has known Ryan for over 10 years now, and although i am new to the mix, she has always made me feel like a treasured friend. Stacy is the kind of friend that will pray over you at the drop of a hat, even  in Wal-Mart while looking for a blue-ray player and a flat screen TV. She is always there to listen, but most importantly…she is REAL.

Stacy, i am BEYOND thrilled for you and Jimmy. I know that you two will do great things together and bless everyone you come in contact with!

 I wanted to share some of my favorite moments i have had with Stacy over the past few years.From Kona HH’s, to nights at Napa watching RHW, sleepovers, and even our own wedding day…All of these memories are so precious to me.

Stacy Mac…You are a faithful friend, and i know that you are going to be the most amazing wife to Jimmy. I love you!!!!!!!!! 

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