Figaro, Figaro, Figaro…

Anytime i hear the name Figaro, i always think immediately of the beginning of Mrs. Doubtfire. You can listen below: 
Saturday night, Ry took me to the Austin Lyric Opera’s performance of – The Marriage of Figaro. It was amazing. It was the 1st time either of us had been to the opera, and we really enjoyed it. Despite me having the WORST cold i have had in a year, i made it through…thanks to halls. 

The opera was a really fun thing to do. I highly recommend it. Ry and i were talking, and “back in the day” theater and opera was entertainment. Can you imagine? No movies…no TV..Just live performances! It really is so enriching. I hope that you get to appreciate the arts some time this year! Its worth it. 

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