Hot, Hot Mess.

I love that i serve a God who takes my messes and turns them into something beautiful.

I can be a total HOT MESS. I am sure we all have a bit of ‘Hot Mess’ in us somewhere… Lets just be real.

But the beauty of Jesus, and His message is that he LOVES when we are a mess.

When we are a mess, we are fully reliant on Him. We are fully open to the possibilties he has for us. It’s only then can he take the broken, shattered pieces and make something beautifuly wonderful out of them.

Have you ever seen a piece of pottery that has been broken, and then glued back together? You can still see all of the cracks/imperfections, but the pottery is whole.

Thats what Jesus does…he makes us whole. We still have cracks/imperfections, but we are no longer split into a million different pieces. We are ONE with him….whole and complete. I like to think he leaves the cracks so we can have a subtle reminder of where we came from…. Not to makes us feel defeated and condemned. (Because there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus {Verse Ref}). But to remind us of WHO HE IS, and that it is only because of HIS POWER, HIS MERCY, HIS GRACE, HIS LOVE…that we are whole and not because of our own actions or anything we’ve done.

I was just reflecting on my life, and all of things i have done, and hoped for and lived for, and prayed for. And it all comes down to this:

All i want, is what he wants.

I have tried my way. I have prayed for my will.
And honestly–I found out–that my way…all of the things i think that are so good for me..the “Oh Lord, please, just please, bless me with this, or that..”…When the Lord so gracioulsy “blessed” me with all of the things i begged him for…I found out..YUCK..This wasn’t such a good idea after all.
WHY OH WHY LORD would you listen to me?

But that’s just how he works (Sometimes)..He always listen, but doesnt always respond the way WE WANT. But sometimes He does..And WOW. How i wish He wouldnt.

But then, when you get your head back, and you come to him, and you bow low before him, and admit that you were brute before him, trying to do things your way, he says, “i knew you would come back to your senses”…and he grabs you, and he says, “now, let me show you what you were really meant for.” “Let me know show you what you REALLY NEED.”

And thats when the beautiful life he has for you begins to unfold. He begins to show you joy and blessings. He begins to fill your life with Good Things. The Best things. Things you could have never even imagined asking for.

So i encourage you,  if there is something you are struggling with. Something you really “want”. Instead of telling God what you want just submit your will to His. Only then can he reveal what IS BEST FOR YOU.
It wont be easy. Not at all. But it will be so rich, so rewarding, filled with adventure, and filled with His Spirit.

Dwell in the land of obedience, for thats where his spirit dwells.

May you be overwhelmed by the glorious love of Jesus.



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