Birthday Festivities

My 27th birthday was so special.

I woke up and enjoyed a relaxing morning, sipping on coffee and reading all the lovely messages on FaceBook. Around 9:30 my lovely friend Ellyn came over and we went to get our nails done at Elements Nails. They are AMAZING and so sweet at Elements. They did a manicure for free for me, and my toes for free, and only charged me 15.00 for a polish change because it was my birthday. They are the sweetest little couple and it totally blessed me! Ellyn and i had such a blast just chatting away.

Earlier that morning, one of my High School teachers, Mrs. Carter, had friended me on FB. I promptly wrote on her FB wall, and she informed me that she was in town. I was SO thrilled and we ended up meeting for lunch. It was so much fun hearing about High School from her perspective. I was glad to hear that she didn’t think i was a crazy teenager. I even confessed to her that once in her a class a group of guys that i was friends with had a universal remote control and were messing with the VCR, that is a video tape player for those of you who are like huh? VCR?, while she was trying to show us Julius Cesar. She had no idea and now she thought it was funny. She probably would have thought it was funny back then as well, but i just thought it was a funny secret to still have after all these years.

The rest of the day, i just went shopping and found the most amazing shoes for only 31.00. They are SUPER comfortable too. I literally feel like i am walking on air. They are Gianni Bini from Dillards. 
Ryan gets home and has 2 of these gorgeous little boxes from the Kendra Scott Flagship store in Austin.  I had only asked for a pair of earrings, but he surprised me with the most beautiful statement necklace. If you know me, you know i LOVE to make a statement. 🙂
My earrings and necklace can be really seen in the photo! Ry and i getting ready to head out to dinner!
Ellyn and I 

Modeling my new shoes at the dinner table for Amber Holmes. 

My in-laws, Sophie and Ralph, & me!

My lovely friend Danielle!

Hubby & I !!

Amber Holmes and I–Friends since 2002! 

Ambie, me, Danielle, and Ellyn.
Hanny, my beautiful sista in law, and her BFF Melina…Gorgeous girls. I love them so much! 

Amber Holmes! She is my micro-friend! So tee-tiny! 

K Catter & I !! 
My birthday dinner was great! The waiters sang like a legit happy birthday. They actually sang with harmony and everything, and it was amazing!! 
I enjoyed getting to chat with all of my favorite people! It was really enjoyable!! Thank you to everyone who wrote me a sweet message on Facebook, texted me, and especially all those special people who came to dinner for my birthday! I am beyond blessed!!! 


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