In case you weren’t aware…..

from the thousands of pictures i post daily on my Instagram/FaceBook account, i LOVE my chihuahua’s, Beauxregard and Liam.

Beauxregard was our first chihuahua baby, and we adopted him from Williamson County Animal Shelter. Honestly, he is the BEST dog. He is very sweet and loving, and would not hurt a fly. I say he is the best in those aspects, but he will not listen to me on some things like sitting…etc…

Liam on the other hand has been a little bit of a pill from the get go. And honestly, i feel judged. It’s almost like (I am only assuming here since i do not have actual human children yet) when that kid is SCREAMING his head off at the store and you just know the mother is shriveling inside out of embarrassment that it is somehow a reflection of her as a parent. That is exactly how i feel about Liam. When people come over and i am telling them, “Dont touch him,” “Just ignore them,” i feel like they are thinking, “Okay, you quacky lady.” And i hate it.

It hurts when i hear things like “When you have a baby, he is going to have to go.” My heart just breaks, because we rescued Liam for a reason. He is ours for a reason. And of course if it comes between my future human children and a 4 pound chihuahua, DUH. I obviously am going to choose my own flesh and blood, but these little animals have become such a wonderful part of Ryan and I’s life that losing either one of them just makes me teary eyed. So, with that in mind, i contacted several dog trainers in the area and decided on Training by Tara. She sent me the most extensive survery EVER to complete and then had a 1 hour consultation with Liam & I yesterday. It went really well and she is optimistic that she can help.

She told me all the things that i am doing wrong…like..letting the dogs, even sweet Beauxregard sit on my lap. Big no-no. Dogs should not sit on you, only on the side. Letting them sleep in our bed. BIGGER NO NO. Even kenneling them in a bathroom. She said that they should not be grazing when they are alone or sleeping at night. Allowing them to graze with their food all day. Nope. She said if they do not eat, pick it up. She said eventually they will learn to eat when you put the food down.

So i got out their individual kennels and put them inside reluctantly last night, and it worked. She said to cover the kennels and that would prevent them from crying. And she was right.

Ryan and i slept for the first time in a long time ALL NIGHT. PTL.

I started thinking, dogs are just like us. They need boundaries. They need discipline and love. When we step outside of boundaries and rules, things begin to get chaotic. When we start making our own rules, things get out of control.

So, the training is really about training me. It is not easy to make my precious little chihuahua’s sit on the side of me or sleep in their own kennels, but if it will help us to be able to keep Liam when we DO have children, i will do whatever it takes!

I hope you all have a FAB weekend!




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