Painting with a Twist

Saturday my mom and I went to our local Painting with a Twist, Paint your Pet. It was VERY interesting to say the least.

Honestly, it was not at all what i expected. I Hoped for more direction on what to do, but we were given very little overall instruction. It was nice when the girls would provide individual instruction, which i am sure they do when it is a class where everyone is painting the same thing, but in this class it was quite different. 
I was optimistic at the beginning and honestly started to get a little discouraged near the end, but once the main lady came and help me paint in my eyes and mouth it helped so much. 
Here are all of the photos in a progression.



Can you see how this looks like a disaster? 



Beaux–Still a total disaster…

Starting to get emotional at this point. Like seriously? This looks horrible. 

THEN the REAL artist steps in and helps with the eyes. Already looking better…


and Voila! She did the nose, eyes, and mouth…and helped with a tad of the shading, but i did everything else…

Here she is helping mom with her nose..

Mom finishing up the shading

Here she is with the finished product.

All Done! 
All the ladies in the class with their finished products. You can see some are clearly better than others. 

Hanging on the wall at home! 
I really love them. In the end it was worth it, but it was not looking good for a minute there!


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