Oscars 2013

There is just something about award shows that i love. Obviously, I love the glam, but something inside of me just gets giddy for all of the actors and actresses who work so hard to provide us with entertainment, being honored and appreciated for their art.

I was especially excited for this years Oscars because of all the  amazing musical acts. They really made the night!

Lets get right into it and talk fashion. The color palette was ALL over the place. But i loved the nude tones. I was NOT feeling a lot of the blues on the carpet. The style of the dresses was NOT doing it for me.

 Hello Giuliana Rancic, LOVE you new short do.

Amanda Seyfried 
I thought in person the dress looked better than it did in this photograph. She was a best dressed nominee, but i have mixed emotion about it. I personally have not really loved anything she has worn all award season. 

Olivia Munn 

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lawrence
This is her moment. Jennifer was amazing in Silver Linings Playbook and her Oscar was well deserved. 

Halle Berry

Kristen Stewart
She looks like death. Honestly, she was on something and her hair/make-up were all wrong. She looked like a hot mess. 

Nicole Kidman

Naomi Watts

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton

Anne Hathaway

Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani
Absolutely STUNNING! 

Helen Hunt
This dressed totally aged her. She is a really beautiful woman, but this dress did nothing for her. 

Amy Adams
STUNNING! This is my BEST DRESSED Pick. I Loved the detail on the train. It was over the top for sure, but i loved it. Completely beautiful. 

Kristin Chenoweth

Catherine Zeta Jones
I loved this dress. It literally looked like sheets of gold were sown into the gown. Completely stunning. I hope i look like her when i am her age! Stunning! 

Melissa McCarthy
I just love her. Her hair was perfection. And for a fluffy girl, she rocks it. I love that she isnt afraid to make daring choices on the carpet. 

Umm Hello Bradley Coopers ADORABLE mother. I love your fur wrap. Please, let’s have coffee together. How adorable is she ?
I hope you enjoyed the Oscars as much as i did. I loved Seth McFarland. 


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