Everything i learned about styling..i learned on TV.

I apologize for my long absence from the blog. I have been not only swamped with work, trying to sell our house, starting to serve again in church, attending our 1st married small group, i have also been working with the Created Woman team on the Charity Benefit they hosted last night for Austin Dress for Success.

This party was for such a great cause but it was also a milestone for Created Woman! They launched their subscription service. You can now have a printed magazine delivered right to your door step for the first time. They are currently doing a promo that if you purchase 1 year, you can get 2 years free. If you ask me, that is an amazing deal! 3 years of magazine for 24.00? That’s incredible! You can click here to subscribe!

Created Woman is more than just a magazine. The heart of the whole team is really to empower woman to become who GOD created them to be! Be sure and subscribe or give the magazine as a gift!


Everything i learned about styling i learned from T.V. Whether it was from watching the Hills (back in the day); Rachel Zoe or It’s a Brad, Brad World, or even Kell on Earth (Although it was short lived, i feel like it had a lot of good information for any stylist), I have been able to gleam so many nuggets of inspiration and advice on what a stylist should do and how to remain organized.

When you are stlying 16 models, organization is key, and “MORE is MORE.” I literally felt like i was pulling a TON of accessories, from Nordstrom, to Golden Bones, to Langford Market, and Luxe Apothetique, i literally felt overwhelmed and had a total Devil Wears Prada moment while pulling. I wish i could have had someone take a picture of me running around Nordstrom with bags up to my shoulders and handfuls of accessories and scarves wrapped around my neck; it was definitely a sight to see. But needless to say even with the thousands of dollars of accessories i had at my disposal, i did not have enough!

It all worked out though!

I set up a really neat little fitting area, so Monday night all of the models came over to my house along with the other 2 girls who were styling with me, and we tried on and un-tried, and re-tried. Honestly, it was the BEST fitting Created Woman has ever had. It was so smooth, and I was proud of myself for 1. not overthinking and 2. Not second guessing.

The choices that myself and the other stylist made were spot on and i felt like there was a look for every kind of girl on the runway last night.

Organization is key to styling. You are responsible for so much merchandise that doesn’t belong to you, so knowing your items and caring for them is super important.

Each model had a poster board with their name written on the top and their picture. They also had a jewelry tray with their name so we could keep track of all accessories for their individual looks. I am so glad that Heather allowed me to purchase the jewelry trays because it made our lives so much easier when trying to style in-between outfit changes.

I cant wait for the pictures of the fashion show to come out!

Here are some photos from the night and from the preparation process. I cant wait for the professional photo’s to actually come out! I know that they are going to be amazing.

My amazing styling team!

Me–Ready for the day! 

The hair/make-up team prepping! 

Heather & I!!! 

Photo Booth Props from Zappy Photo Booth

Me – Heather – Stacy 

Fitting room–It was literally SO tiny, but we made it work! 

My sweet fried Kristin & I!! She and her sister came to support! 

Another shot of the fitting room! 

Nicole one of the editors & a style guru & i pre-show! 

Accessories in Black/White

Fitting area @ my house! 
Amazing bags from Nordstrom! 

Accessories from Luxe 

More clothing! 

Funky bags from Golden Bones

Hats from Golden Bones

Scarves from Nordy! 

Accessories from Golden Bones! 
I had such a great time doing this event and working with the amazing models and team. I cant wait for you to see the pictures! Thank you to everyone who FB’d me, texted me, called me..etc…and encouraged me yesterday! Your prayers and love were beyond meaningful! 
Don’t forget to subscribe to Created Woman Magazine! 

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