Kate Young for Target

Target is doing it again.

Kate Young is a fresh young designer and her goal is to bring red carpet moments to the every day woman! You can learn more about the line here.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

This is my Fav. Look. i Love the high-low and the lace mixed with the red one-shoulder. So gorgeous and lots of body types can wear this look. 

This is just such a fun look! Probably a little too young for me, but i still love it! 

I love this jumpsuit, but let’s face it, you have to be a stick to look good in this kind of thing. If you are super skinny-mini–this would be my recommendation for you! I will probably try it on…but you can never be too sure how sleek rompers look on girls with hips! 

Who doesn’t love a cheetah print peep-toe with a bow on the back? So maj. 

Love this she with the clear plastic detail. Right on Trend. The red would be a perfect pop of color to a simple outfit and the black is the perfect trendy, everyday shoe. 
Be sure and visit Target.com to check out the  looks from Kate’s collection and choose your favorites! The collection will be available April 14th. 
You can also create your very on Pinterest Board on their website! Here is mine:
Source: target.com viaFancy on Pinterest

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