Advertising with Fancy – Onyx + Pearl

Luxurious Scarves with unexpected touches
Q + A with Ashley from Onyx + Pearl: 

FL: When did you start O + P? 
A: I launched O + P in August 2012.

FL: What is the Vision of O + P?

A: The vision of Onyx + Pearl is to make unique scarves that people love and serve a purpose at the same time. I have partnered with the Hope through Health Clinic in Austin that is providing continuing services to human trafficking survivors and performing groundbreaking research on the issue. If I can do my part in raising awareness and helping survivors get to wholeness and joy, then the vision of O + P will be realized.
FL: Where do you get your design inspiration?
A: Innovative designers who have a knack for creating brilliant pieces. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tom Ford, and Diane von Furstenenburg immediately come to mind. Also – History. Words. Color. Creation. The first three have been incorporated into my first two collections. If the idea I have in mind comes to pass for the next one, Creation will undoubtedly inspire something to remember. 
FL: Where did you get your inspiration for your new collection?
A: You know, I wanted two things: a couple pieces that were refined and be a play on classics (i.e. Houndstooth) and a few that would inspire the person wearing them. If a person looks at the Maya or Stevie scarves, they don’t initially see the words…which was my intent. The words are meant for the person wearing it, for them to be wrapped in words they would aspire to. Who doesn’t want to be bold, confident or passionate? When I wear one, its a constant reminder of my journey to get where I want to be.
FL: If you could only pick 1 favorite O + P scarf which one would it be?
A: I love them all. That’s like asking a parent who’s their favorite child! If I had to, Azul Z. from the first collection and Kennedy from my F/W 2013 collection. Kennedy just makes you want to channel Jackie O.: throw on some big sunglasses, wrap the scarf around your head and hit the road in a convertible. 
FL: Who is the O + P customer and what are they like? 
A: The O + P customer is one who has fun with their clothing, enjoys making statements with their outfits, and values quality. S/he is comfortable dressing up or dressing down and is confident in whatever they put together. 
FL: What has been your favorite O + P moment so far?  
A: Honestly, the minute my Kickstarter project was funded. Thousands of dollars were raised the final day of the project. It was a complete Jesus moment. Knowing He had not left or forsaken me and being reminded through such giving people that He would bring my dream of Onyx + Pearl to completion…that was a MONUMENTAL moment. I wept with my husband in the passenger seat of my car.
FL: What advice would you give other men/women who want to start a business or want to design?
A: Learn your craft and do NOT be afraid to ask questions or appear stupid. Everyone starts from somewhere, so do not allow fear to keep you leaping for your dreams. You’ll land.

You can see from there amazing photographs from their new collection that this is no ordinary scarf. I own the Azul B. from their 1st collection and it is a show stopper for sure. I am constantly getting stopped and asked where i got it from! 
Maya in Gray/Yellow
Kennedy Scarf/uni-sex
I absolutely LOVE this graphic black/white print. So amazing. 
Here i am rocking my scarf in Florida: 
It is so versatile and you can wear it with so many different looks! 🙂 I am so squinty because the sun was right in my eyes, DUH. 
I hope you have enjoyed reading the advertising Q + A’s this week! 
Why aren’t you already shopping?!?!

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