"umm…I’m on a Mega-Bus right now."

My 1st job in high school was Pacific SunWear. I went through a t-shirt and jeans phase and loved all the “Skater” style that PacSun had to offer. I was ALWAYS shopping there and the manager loved me and so as soon as i turned 16, she hired me.

Next door there was a store called Bombay and Co. They sold really extravagant home decor and my bestie, Ambie, worked there. She had a manager named John AKA JP, and he was really cool. 
11 years later, JP and Ambie are still really great friends and he came to visit last week. I met he and Ambie for lunch Downtown and we walked to the Capital so JP could get a souvenir penny. We walked over 4 blocks and i was in wedges. Funny thing is, in Austin, it’s impossible to find flip-flops at any souvenir shop. So be sure and wear your flats when sight-seeing. 
JP and his Souvenir Penny.
Ambie on the saddle at the Visitors Center in Austin.
Riding like a lady. 

Sorry. Tangent. 
We took a cab to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants Downtown, La Condesa. We had such a blast catching up. During our catch up session, JP and Ambie told me they were taking a Mega-Bus to San Antonio and invited me to go along. 
Once i found out what a Mega-Bus was, i couldn’t resist experiencing this in person. 
Double Decker Mega Bus. Rides for as low as 1.00. 

So, last Thursday, i woke up super early and drove DT to pick them up and we headed to the Mega-Bus stop on UT Campus. 

Ambie disappointed that she received an orange gum-ball form the giant gumball machine at the Mega-Bus stop. 

Ready to load up.

Last Thursday, the weather was terrible. It was freezing cold and rainy. I was completely un-prepared. I had on this cute pink peplum top with this floral blazer jeans and tennis shoes (A young lady on the top, an old lady on the bottom).

We get on the megabus and we just talked the whole entire time and listened to music. Going to SA we were the only people on the top level.

Ambie riding gangsta style in the back of the mega-bus

trying on vintage hats in SA. 
Before the torrential down pour. 

The Alamo!

The Alamo!

Me, Amber, and John in front of the Alamo before it started raining! 

Ambie rocking her rain boots. She was well prepared for the weather, unlike me. 

Souvenir Penny time! 

Another Shot out front! 

Smelling the roses!

We totally started the Poncho trend at the Alamo! We were the 1st people to wear them!! HAHA

Enjoying our flower crowns in the Mexican Market! 

If you would have told us all 11 years ago that we would be on a giant mega-bus roadtripping to SA, TX and wearing panchos at the Alamo, we would have NEVER believed it. 
We had such a blast! I highly recommend taking an adventure on a mega-bus! 

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