We got a contract on our 1st home and if all goes well, we will be moving by May 10th.

It is so surreal. Napa was our 1st house EVER and we loved it so much.

Since we will be in Vegas at the end of this month for Ryan’s 30th Birthday, I decided to get a head start on packing and collecting boxes. Any one who has ever moved knows what a commodity moving boxes are. They can be super expensive.

I found the nicest couple on Craigslist and they gave me a TON of boxes. I could have taken all of them, but i had the hatch back that day and so they wouldn’t all fit. My sweet Father-in-Law drove with me to pick the boxes up and thank goodness because it was a LOT of boxes. I thought it would be a like just a few. Here i am in the Hatch Back surrounded by boxes:

Napa was a labor of love. We dilligently worked on the landscaping and updated the fixtures to make it our own. We were beyond blessed to be able to have a house when we got married. And we do not take it for granted in any way.

Angee Wilbur took some amazing photos of our home for our listing and in honor of Napa, and I wanted to share a few. If you are looking for a good photographer she is super awesome and such a sweet lady!

We will always remember Napa and the memories that were made there. Thankful for God prepping us for the next steps in life and providing for all of our needs 

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