Rockin’ the FP.

I am not sure if you have heard, but Fanny Packs are a tres’ chic new trend for Spring.

Here i am in 3rd grade on the River Boat in NOLA heading to the Aquarium with my BFF, Dee, rocking an ultra-chic purple/pink one. Dee also is sporting an orange, pink, and blue one. HOT HOT HOT! We were SO MAJOR.

I am loving all of the new designer Fanny Packs that are out there now, and am thinking, i may need to invest in one for my next Mega-Bus Adventure. 
Instead of calling them “Fanny Packs” because that term is so non-PC and so 80’s and 90’s they are now being called “Belt Bags.” Much more appropriate.
Here are some of my fav “Belt Bags”: 
 Urban Outfitters: 29.00
Nordstrom (Michael Kors): 88.00
Nordstom (TopShop): 50.00
Nordstrom (Michael Kors): 68.00
I am Kind of obsessed with this one. So major. 
Neiman Marcus (Michael Kors): 78.00
Neiman Marcus (Gucci): 530.00
Neiman Marcus (Michael Kors): 78.00
Obviously, Michael Kors has a slight obsession with Belt Bags and SO DO I. 
 If you have a belt bag or purchase one, I would LOVE a picture of you “Rocking the BB.”

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