Bring it on down to Vegan Ville.

I wanted to write this post to try to shed some light on my choice to “try” and be vegan. Ryan & i like to refer to ourselves as “Social Meat-eaters” because occasionally we go out to dinner and eat meat. We aren’t super strict on ourselves. I have never thrived well in environments ruled by an iron thumb, so i am not going to rule my own personal nutrition with one. 

My main reasons for going Vegan: 

  1. Being vegan is a personal choice. Nutrition in general is a personal choice. For me, i feel better when i eat “clean” and whole foods and fruits/veggies/leafy green veggies. 
  2. The overwhelming amount of research that consumption of meat/dairy is directly linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes…the list goes helping to me to take the leap.
  3. The overwhelming/comprehensive amount of research that shows that a plant based diet can actually reverse the effects of the above mentioned diseases. 
  4. I really feel better when i eat a vegan diet. I have more energy and all of my body systems seem to work better. 
Will i judge you if you are not Vegan? 

Umm…absolutely not. Like i said in rule #1, nutrition is a choice. It is up to you what you want to eat; how you want to eat; and when you want to eat. I care about your health as a person. I want everyone to be healthy, but i have never been one to force my ways on anyone. 

Am i getting rid of my Louis Vuitton’s? 

Before you whip out your check book and private message me to purchase my Louis Vuitton’s…let me clarify that i am not an animal rights activist. I am not doing this to protect animals. I am doing this strictly for my own health and my future babies health. I LOVE animals and respect them and believe that they were given to man to be cared for and protected (and some believe to eat) but i am not going to quit wearing leather. Sue me. 

OH NO! You can’t be pregnant and Vegan. That isn’t good for your baby. 
  1. What baby? I am not pregnant.
  2. My doctor said it was fine and wasn’t alarmed in the least bit. So when i am pregnant, i am going to try to continue to maintain as vegan of a diet as possible. 
  3. Maybe we have been lied to about our need for protein/dairy. Did you ever think of that? Maybe before you point the finger, you should look into it yourself.  
  4. Did you know we are the only mammal (I know we are humans. Everyone chill out. But we are considered mammals.) that consumes the milk of another mammal and continues to drink milk after we are babies? 
  5. If you choose to eat milk/dairy during your pregnancy. MORE POWER TO YOU! I am not judging. So i would LOVE to get the same respect.
Will you NEVER eat meat again? 
I honestly can’t say that. My philosophy is never say never. Since trying to take the plunge several weeks ago, i have eaten fajitas and steak and countless other non-vegan foods. Don’t judge me. I am trying. I am not perfect. I am just trying to take a step in what i feel is the best direction for me and my family. 
You can’t honestly say how you are going to feel when you are pregnant and what you will like. I have never been pregnant, but this is what i hear. But i am trying to adjust my pallet now so that way it is more natural to me to eat healthier when that day does come. 
I hope this helps to clear the air. If you see me eating meat, don’t point your finger at me and say “I thought you were Vegan!” 
Maybe i am having an off day. 
And feel like eating Lupe Tortilla. Again….sue me. 
Resources that helped me make the decision to go Vegan: 
My father in law always likes to refer to this skit from SNL. If it is hilarious. Take some time to watch it! 
Resources i am finding really helpful during my transition: 
Oh She Glows (Recommended by my friend Ann)
Meatless Monday
All of the below were recommended to me by a lady from my old church: 
If you are in Austin, you can go to
And get a list of all Vegan Friendly Restaurants. 
I hope that you get educated about what you eat. Dont eat something just because that is what everyone before you did. Research and do what is best for you and what you can practically do! 
And dont be so judge-y of people who dont make the same choices as you. I myself have been judge-y a time or two and one thing i have learned is never say never, and never judge because chances are, you will find yourself in that same situation one day. 
I am sorry if this came off as harsh. If you have any questions, please let me know. I would be happy to answer any concerns or questions you might have. 

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