Lincoln May 26, 2013

Child birth is one of the most fascinating (and frightening) things to me.

I am not sure why. I have never had a baby. I plan on having one, but just haven’t yet, but i LOVE when my friends and family members have babies. It is just so exciting to me.

This past Sunday, my beautiful friend Amber and her husband Brett welcomed into the world their little baby boy, Lincoln.

As soon as Brett texted us on Sunday morning, I knew that right after church i wanted to go to the hospital. I had hoped to see Amber pre-birth in the hospital, but Lincoln was quickly on his way!

I arrived at the hospital around 1:30 and Lincoln was here by 3:00. I was about to leave because i had to be at our church for a work day to prep for our new building (AGGH!!!), and as i was walking out, the nurse stopped me and said that Lincoln had been born!

Literally, he was JUST born. She let me stand right outside of the door and i could hear him crying and i could hear Amber and Brett talking to their baby for the first time. It was AWESOME! Even though i didn’t get to see him or see them it was just awesome to know the joy they were experiencing!

I left shortly after and Brett texted me a picture of the sweetness. He is just too cute!!

I am so happy for Brett and Amber. They are the sweetest people and were great neighbors to us before we moved and are now friends!

It is SO good to rejoice with your friends when they are happy and to weep with them when they are sad.

Find time to celebrate someone else’s  joy’s this week and rejoice with them!



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