Louisiana Visit March 2013

Obviously i have been majorly slacking on blogging since these pictures are from March, but i wanted to share the cuteness with you.

In March, i went to LA to celebrate my sweet little nephew, Noah’s 1st birthday! What a milestone!  
My cousin Brett and his wife LB, brought their gorgeous baby girl, my sweet niece, Shelby, over to visit me as well and they also attended the birthday party! 
It was so good to see both of them! They grow so fast and it is sad that we live so far away but that’s life! I am thankful for growing up with Dustin and Brett and all the time we got to spend together, and i am thankful for FaceBook and technology that allows me to watch them grow from afar. 
Here are some pics from my trip!

Shelby & Nana (my mom)

Shelby & JuJu introduce Shelby to Beauxregard. 

Shelby & Aunt Amy

Laughing at her momma! 
Birthday Boy!! 

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Noah always puts his hands on his head like this when you say Oh my goodness! it’s the cutest thing. 
Noah and Uncle Brett (Shelby’s Dad)

Sweet Girl. 


Cross bracelet. Nothing cuter than a baby wearing jewels. Every lady, no matter how little needs jewelry. 
Dustin helping Noah open his gifts! 

Cake time!!! 


Shelby took a little snooze on her momma! 

Cake on my head is awesome! 

Noah telling Shelby that he is going to be a big brother! 
Noah’s Mom, Rachel, announced at his party that she was pregnant with baby #2, Emerson(Emme). Expected to make her appearance in the fall! 
Love my sweet babies and anytime i get to see them i am filled with joy! 

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