This week, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and I went on a little adventure to Fortworth. Hannah was invited to the TCU Basketball Camp and so Mrs. Sophie thought it would be fun if i tagged along and we made it a little girls trip.

Hanny all checked in and ready to go! 

Walking to the gym!
After we got Hanny settled, Sophie and I hit the ground running. We went to Montgomery Plaza in Fortworth where the old Montgomery Ward was, and we shopped til we dropped. We also ate at this delicious Mexican restaurant called Chimys (Recommended by Ryan). It was so yummy. We made NOTHING but bad choices when it came to diet on this trip. Well, i take that bad. I did have a banana on day 2. 

After that we headed back to the hotel for a little R & R before dinner. We had planned to go to Billy Bob’s--the largest Honky Tonk in the world. It was pretty fun! We are the most delicious food and watched the country dance lessons they had going on.

After we walked around for a bit, we decided to call it a night since we had an early day ahead of us! 
Mrs. Sophie’s lifelong dream had been to go to watch the Kidd Kraddick show live! We woke up at 5:30 AM and headed to their studio! It was outside, and there were no benches, but we just stood up and watched and listened! It was a lot of fun, and Big Al, came out almost as soon as we got there to greet us and tell us hi! He even posed for a pic with Ms. Sophie! It was really sweet of him! 
The view outside the studio. 

Its hard to see with the glare, but it was easier to see in person! 

Big Al and Mrs. Soph
On our way to the KK Show, i was reminded that the GWB Presidential Library was nearby and googled that we were only 15 miles away! I asked Mrs. Sophie if she minded the detour and she didnt, so we headed that way around 9:00! 
Honestly, this was the highlight of my summer so far. Totally worth the trip. 
Here i am out front! I was SO giddy. If you know me, you know i have had a long time obsession with GW. I was so happy we were able to visit the museum! 

The September 11 Memorial was SO emotional and touching. I generally don’t cry at places like this, but as soon as we entered the emotion from that day flooded back to my mind. Seeing the names of all the innocent people who lost their lives was heart-breaking. 

Oval Office 

We had an amazing trip and if you are in Dallas and have the opportunity to visit the GWB Presidential Library..DO IT. 
I hope you have a great weekend!!! 


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