I apologize for the SUPER long delay in posting these pics!

This year for Ry’s 30th birthday we decided to go to Vegas!

We had SUCH a blast.

We had the most fab. dining experiences and went to 2 shows, David Copperfield & Cirque de Soleil Beatles LOVE.

Both shows were amazing. I was so impressed and enjoyed it so much. Just spending time with Ry walking EVERYWHERE was so much fun.

If you go to Vegas, be prepared to walk A LOT. Everything is walk-able but not really all that close. We did a lot of walking, but it was super fun!!!!

I am so glad that we were able to ring in Ryan’s 30th in such a memorable way!

Layover in Denver, CO

Vegas Airport! 

The night we saw David Copperfield! It was AMAZING. 

The lobby of our hotel had live florals and an amazing butterfly display. 

Birthday Breakfast! 

On top of the Stratosphere

Our friends Heather and Hoit joined us for a night of fun in Vegas! 

Hoit and RyaN! 

Birthday boy and i! 

Trying on Chanel! Dont we look amazing? 

Hotel Desk. So beautiful. 

Lobby of our hotel had blown glass on the ceiling. It was so amazing. 

Bellagio at night! 
Until next time Vegas!


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