You say goodbye, i say hello!

Ryan and i sold our 1st home, Napa, about a month ago. 

What an adventure that was! We had so many great memories in that home and were SO blessed to have it. But the opportunity arose for use to up-size and since we eventually want to have a family, we figured we better seize the day! We purchased a lot and are in the process of building right now. We are waiting on permitting from the city, but as soon as that is done (hopefully, this week) our foundation will be laid and the house will go up shortly! 

Napa for the last time! 
Wee man enjoying Napa before the move! 

Beaux sunbathing on the back porch! 

A last, teary-eyed photo in Napa! 

Bye house! 

Hello new lot! 
Here is our lot! Not much to look at now, but soon our new home will be here! 
Cheers to new adventures! 


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