Pictures from the Road Summer 2013

 There was NOTHING glam about me on this trip. The weather was GORGEOUS yall. This picture was taken outside of a BK in MN on the way to the Mall of America! I had a headache, so i needed a beverage. This was summer and i dont know if you can tell, but i am wearing a North Face fleece. It was pretty chilly! I LOVED it.

I have talked about my LOVE for Badger Balm before on the blog. I found a GIANT tin of it at this Duluth Trading Co. in Duluth, MN. I actually just started using it last night. Works like a charm.

 This is a shot of where I-35 Ends and Begins! Isnt that crazy? This highway is a nightmare here in Austin, but it goes all the way to Duluth! I thought it was pretty cool to see where it started and stops!
 The lake at my sister’s husband’s parent’s house. Wow, that’s a mouth full. The real reason for our trip was two-fold. 1. To go to the World’s largest air show & 2. To celebrate my sisters recent nuptials. We love having Todd in our family. They live super far away in Alaska, but getting to spend some time with them was fun! Ryan and i are looking forward to another trip in October!
 My mom and I on the lake!
 The Beautiful Lake Superior!
 The second night we camped at Two Harbors, MN our campsite was right on Lake Superior. It was really breathtaking.
 April & Todd with both sets of their parents! Too cute! Todd’s brothers and sisters threw him a Norwegian wedding! That is why they are dressed like that! 🙂 It was a lot of fun!

My mom snuggled outside with a blanket in summer! That is a sight to remember! It was pretty cold!

 Boating with my new Brother in law!
 A crazy panoramic view of the lake at Todd’s parents.
 Driving away from Lake Superior!
 Where I-35 Begins!
 Me with Todd & April & our parents! Excuse my Dad’s lack of a smile HAHA
 All the siblings!

Again, i look like a HOT mess. You try living in an RV for 2 weeks. HOT MESS YALL! At least we got to stop at Lincoln’s home! It was SO amazing.

 Here it is! This was the home he resided in with his wife and boys prior to becoming President. It was really inspiring to hear his story. What a great president.
Our cute little Park Ranger! He was adorable.
I hope you enjoyed my photos from the road! I highly encourage you to take a roadtrip if you can. Seeing the country is so inspiring. We truly are a blessed nation. There is so much wide open space!

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