Phillip Lim for Target REVIEW

Those of you who have read the blog forever know that i always LOVE when Target gets a new designer collection.
You never know how the crowd is going to respond. They either LOVE IT, Missoni for Target, or HATE IT, Neiman Marcus for Target (I don’t think people hated it, i just think people didn’t like the price points).So, when i discovered that i was not able to be at the launch because i was singing at church, i had a pep-talk with my husband. I pulled pictures off-line and showed him all of the hot items that i wanted him to grab for me to try on. My sweet husband went above and beyond, yall!! He got 2 of everything pictured below for me to try on 2 different sizes. I didnt keep everything, obviously. I ended up keeping only 3 pieces of clothing and 2 bags and 1 scarf (I will notate below which things i kept).
Overall, i really like the collection. The materials felt really great and the items were really well made. Below under each item, i will list why i decided to LOVE IT, or LEAVE IT!
 This blouse was REALLY beautiful. In theory. On, it was not quite as flattering, but the detailing was gorg. I decided to LEAVE IT, but if you are looking for a nice piece to wear to the office, this is it!
 So, this sweater was SUPER soft. The shape was not flattering in any way, and the rhinestones on the neckline could potentially be a disaster. It has been my experience that rhinestones and sweaters don’t mix. I decided to LEAVE IT!
 I decided to LOVE IT! This bad is so classy. Very well made. Obviously, it isnt “real” but the quality was awesome! And i needed a fall bag.
 This blouse was SO great on. The color was great on me and it was super flattering. Not sure how i will style it yet, but i really love it! This was definitely a LOVE IT for me.
 This shirt would have been a love it, but the Large was too large, and the medium was too tight. It zips up the front. The medium fit, but it looked like i was trying to squeeze myself in and i definitely dont want to look squished! I decided to LEAVE IT but if this fits you, I would say Go for it!
 This is similar to the above. I decided to LEAVE IT as well, but the fit was much better. I think the medium in this one actually worked. but it wasn’t on my radar as an initial piece that i wanted, so that is mainly why i didn’t keep it. Plus i really wanted the shirt dress (Below) so i didn’t want to have the same print floating around the closet too many times!
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It was so flattering on, and the cinch at the waist is perfect! This was a LOVE IT for me.
 I really loved this, but unfortunately, i had to LEAVE IT. Medium too tight, large too big!
 I loved this but did not love the 25.00 price so i decided to LEAVE IT.
 These skirts were SO CUTE. Ry also brought me the navy one to try on. The size 12 fit me perfectly. But i decided to LEAVE IT because i dont wear skirts enough!
 This may not look cute in the picture but is ADORABLE on and is so comfy. The sweater is so soft and this is the perfect winter outfit! Throw on some leggings and boots…and you are ready to go! I LOVED IT.
 This was the same as the green shirt from above. I loved it, but decided to LEAVE IT because i already had the shirt dress in this print.
 These blouses looked super cute tucked into the skirts from the collection, but i didnt love them as separates so i decided to LEAVE IT. If you are going to tuck this in, i think it would be fine, but un-tucked..i did not love it.
 This dress also came in black! I decided to LEAVE IT because of the 50.00 price tag but it was cute.
 I wanted this but they did not have it in the store! So cute!!!!
 I deicded to keep this tiny bag for our upcoming Seattle/Alaska trip! It holds a lot more than this tiny little MK belt bag that I have..I decided to LOVE IT!!!!!
 I decided to LEAVE IT. i was not in love with the color combo. But the material did feel very soft! Just not my thing.
 I deicded to LOVE IT since none of the other animal print stuff worked out for me! VERY well made, and it is signed by Phillip Lim and has the Target symbol! TOO CUTE!
Even husband walked away with a few items:
 White button down. The sleeves are Jersey which is interesting! Very cute!
 Who doesnt love a man in a color block tee? So cute!
Ry wore this today with jeans for work and it was SO CUTE. Love it so much!
I hope you get a chance to check out the collection!

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