Two Years with Beauxregard

Time literally has flown by. Not only did we get Beauxregard 2 years ago on this day, but we also are about to celebrate two years of being married!

Those of you who follow me on instagram or Facebook know how much i LOVE my puppies. They really are the sweetest little guys.

You can read my original post HERE from when we adopted Beaux. I will never forget bringing that sweet little guy home! He is truly a love bug.

Interesting milestones in Beauxregards Life:

Getting a brother, Liam April 29, 2012
Getting high on Marijuana [I am not sure of the exact date]
Getting diagnosed with Chunky Monkey Syndrome at a wopping 7 Pounds (He is already doing better since we lowered his food intake)

Ryan and i LOVE him so much! We don’t know what we would do without our little guys! Here are some of my fav. throwback pics from Beaux’s 1st months with us:

And a more recent Favorite!

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