Alaska/Seattle 2013 PT. 1

So far on our vacation we have had such a blast. I will post more pictures as soon as we get back to reality, but i thought i would list off what we have done so far and include links.

Seattle is a great place to visit! It is actually super kid friendly, and there are lots of cultural/educational things for kids to do. We could have spent another two weeks exploring, but we had to come up to Alaska! When we arrived, we literally had the most gorgeous weather!

I didn’t do as well on my vegan eating plan, but we did have 1 really amazing vegan meal at Plum Bistro which i plan on trying to re-create.

Day 1

Pikes Place literally has the most beautiful florals you have ever seen and they are pretty inexpensive. They also have the most BEAUTIFUL produce. Definitely a juicers paradise.
It was super foggy when we went up into the sky, but the fog would roll away and give you the most amazing views of the city scape and fall leaves.
City Target is the coolest thing. It is three stories of Target awesomeness.
Knife Fight
Right after leaving downtown target there was a knife fight on the street. It was crazy, but thankfully no one pulled out a gun and we survived.
Here is a pic i snagged from my iphone camera with a great view of Mt. Rainier.
Plum bistro 
This was the 1 and only vegan dining experience we had in Seattle. Honestly, the Buffalo Portobello Burger I had was TO DIE for. I cant stop thinking about it. I am going to try and re-create the meal as soon as we get home. We were traveling with my namesake, Aimee G, and see said, “I don’t even eat mushrooms and I would wait 45 minutes for that.” It was honestly that good.
Day 2
Kerry park

We had to go to Kerry Park because it is the park they are always sitting at on Greys Anatomy. This was snapped with my iphone, but Ryan got a lot of great pics with our camera that i will be sure and share when we get home! The weather in Seattle all three days we were there was BEAUTIFUL which is really rare.

EMP Museum Seattle 
This was really neat. They had a Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana Exhibit since they both came from Seattle. Also in the museum, they had a fantasy, scifi, and horror exhibit. They had the costumes from StarTrek, The Matrix, Princess Bride, Chronicles of Narnia, and many many more! It was definitely worth it!
The zoo was a lot of fun! We got to see a baby giraffe! So cute!
Dahlia Lounge
Honestly, the food here was AMAZING. The best dining experience i have had in a long time. It was 5 star all the way! Ryan taught Aimee G and I how to play the water glasses which was a lot of fun and amusing. Who does that at a 5 star? Apparently…we do.
Space needle at night
Part of the City Pass we purchased was admission to the Space Needle twice! Once during the day and once at night. It was super chilly and i did not have nearly enough layers on but seeing all of the city lights was awesome!
Rob Roy 
Our favorite night spot to lounge in Seattle is Rob Roy. We went every single night we were in town. It did not disappoint.
Day 3
Shopping at Nordstrom And forever 21
Delicatus for lunch
Gravity in IMAX 
In my opinion the only way to see Gravity.
Lola for dinner 
The same person that owns Dahlia Lounge owns LOLA, but in my opinion Dahlia Lounge was better! LOLA wasnt terrible, but it was no Dahlia!
Rob Roy

Whiskey Bar (By Recommendation) Rob Roy is still my favorite, but this was a pretty nice spot to hit!

Day four
Arrived in Alaska
Just chilled at my sisters house and had a halibut fry
I don’t even eat fish, but my brother in law’s fried halibut is the best. Honestly, it is better than chicken.
Day five
Drove to Homer

Dinner at Fat Olives
Pretty Fancy for Homer, i must say.

Stayed at Homer inn and spa
This was SO beautiful. We had such a nice room and had a great stay! It was right on the ocean front. We even saw otters and seals!

This was the view from our room.
Day six
Two sisters bakery vegan muffins

After the Two Sisters Bakery, we drove back to Anchorage. It was very cloudy so we didnt stop much for photos!





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