Birthday Weekend Recap

My birthday weekend was pretty chill and nice! Exactly what i wanted.

Friday during the day, my Dad came to Houston to meet me for lunch. It was pretty awesome!!!!!! We went to one of my fav places Lupe Tortilla! Ry actually came to meet us. But before we did lunch, Dad and I headed over to Rice Village to Kendra Scott to grab my birthday prize. If you didnt know, during your birthday month at Kendra Scott {in stores only} with your ID, you get one item at 50% off! You can also scan a copy of your ID and order by phone! I was going back and forth between the mint/red Alexandra Earrings, but i just went with the Elle in Yellow {Pictured Below}.




Elle in Yellow!

Friday night RyRo and i headed to Julep to grab a cocktail with my dear friend Alicia. She and I have been friends for a VERY long time. And she lives here in Houston, so for the first time since highschool we will be in the same city (YAY).

Julep was honestly amazing. There is nothing like a well-made craft cocktail. If you are looking for a fun atmosphere, Julep is the place to be.


Alicia & I at Julep. They have an amazing outdoor area!


RyRo and I at Julep! Happy Birthday to ME!

After we did a little pre-partying at Julep, we headed to this SUPER chill place called, Corkscrew.   The food was delicious. The service was okay. Honestly, everywhere we went was so relaxed so it was impossible to be “in a rush.” Thankfully we weren’t, but sometimes you just want things to be snappy. But it was honestly fine and i probably would go back. They have live music, on my birthday it happened to be country, my LEAST favorite musical choice of all time. We ended up moving away from the live music, because it was so loud, but once we got our new table it was fine! It wasn’t super packed, which was nice. We had great conversations and plenty of delicious food.


Dominique and I. Friends since we were 7 Years Old. That is 22 years. OMG. To be able to say you have known someone for 22 years is just plain weird. But i LOVE her to death.


Some of my Houston Gal Pals, Holly, Allison, and Alicia!! Arent they all so gorgeous? I am so blessed with beautiful friends, inside and out. And they make me laugh too!!

Saturday night we actually attended a surprise party for Allison’s husband, Jim! It was SO hard to keep my mouth shut on Friday night, but we all managed to leave the dinner without spoiling the surprise! Jim turned 40 so it was a big deal and SOOOOO many people came out to celebrate him! It was so much fun!!!!

Sunday we did church at Lakewood, which was amazing!!!!! A brother a sister who are on the worship team sang Great is Thy Faithfulness, and it had me in tears. It was absolutely powerful.

29 started off perfectly. Excited for a new year, and new adventures!




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