I am no stranger to change.

In the summer of 2008, I wrapped up my last semester of college at the University of Louisiana. Loaded up my black Tahoe and me and my stuff made the journey to Austin, TX.

my sis and me in Austin

My sister and I, probably my very first weekend in Austin. Look how tan i was. Orange was the new black back then. So glad those days are behind me.

Me in Austin

Me enjoying Chuy’s! I am now a frequent customer. Probably too frequent. This seems like AGES ago.

A year later, I began working in Human Resources at Bank, and then almost 3 years later, I left the comforts of that job to take on a job working for my father’s safety business.

In 2011, I got married, bought a house, and rescued a puppy, my sweet Beaux Bear.

Beaux Bear

RyRo and I with our little Beaux Bear. Probably a week after we got him. He was SOOOO tiny. He is a little chunky monkey now!

In 2012, we rescued another puppy.


Beauxregard and Liam, probably the day after got Liam. I can’t remember now. But we had only had him for a very short time when this was taken.


Liam and I. He is so presh yall.

In 2013, we sold our first house, Napa.

First House

Our first little house. It was SOOOO cute. I loved it so much.

Moved into my in-laws for a short time, moved out of my in-laws into an apartment, and then December 30th, 2013 we closed our brand new house.


Fast Forward to 2014, we get a third (Yes, I said third) puppy, and in November RyRo gets a job offer in Houston, and we put our BRAND NEW house on the market.

Bam and Mom

Bam Bam. Our third rescue puppy. He is SO precious. A little nutty, but sweet and precious, and oh, I just love him so much.


For me change is so hard. You would think it would be easy because I have done it so much, but it doesn’t get any easier for me at all. I told Ryan I REFUSE to move for at LEAST 5 preferably 10 years. I am beyond over it. I wish I could tell you that I was a go with the flow kinda chick. That I am “totally cool” with whatever life throws my way. But, I literally FREAK OUT sometimes when things get too chaotic. I know what God’s word says, and I know it will be okay, and I know my life isn’t that bad, and I shouldn’t be complaining at all, but I also know that I am human. I am exactly who God created me to be. I am flawed. I MUST abide in Christ. I must or I simply would just curl up in a ball and be a big baby and throw a temper tantrum. Ridiculous, i know. This may be one of those times, I am being too honest.But oh well.

I don’t think I could get through all the transitions that life has had for me without resting in God’s word and on His promises.

The promise i am resting in during this time of transition is this:

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 NLT

I made it personal and replaced “you” with “me.” My God is with ME, wherever I may go. What a beautiful promise to rest on.

Joshua 19

Whatever change you are going through today, REST in God’s promise that HE will be with you through it all.




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