Essential Oil Necklace

Do you LOVE Essential Oils? Well, this is for you.


Image Courtesy of The Honey Comb

Can't live without your essential oils? No worries! You don't have to leave home with out your favorite just inches away. Simply drop a bit of your favorite essential oil on the included leather square and enjoy all day.  This long necklace is perfect to layer with your other favorite necklaces. Tiny Ball Chain Length: 36"

Image Courtesy of The Honey Comb

My Aunt got me the most amazing necklace from The Honey Comb! The necklace opens like a locket and inside is a tiny piece of leather for you to drop you oils onto. I dropped a few drops of peppermint on it the day i got it, and for several days after, i could still smell it! Who needs perfume when you can smell like lavender!!??

My Aunt and her friend Lisa came to visit me a few weeks ago, and as a thank you for staying at my house, Lisa sent me the Peppermint Oil from Young Living! I haven’t bought any oils yet, but one day i want to get the diffuser and some different oils to use at home!

I have headaches off and on and this peppermint oil heals them almost instantly. So when she sent this to me in the mail, i was THRILLED. i still haven’t sent a thank you note, {so tacky}, but thank you Ms. Lisa! It really meant the world. {For the record, all of my thank you not writing materials are packed away…so…i hope i get a pass in this season of life. If you send me a gift, i love you dearly, and am writing thank you notes in my heart.}

FullSizeRender (1)

This is my necklace! Its a bit different than the one being offered online, but they are BOTH AMAZING!

I am absolutely obsessed. And, its also a super stylish piece of jewelry too! I can always count on my Aunt Judy for getting me something super fab.

You can purchase by visiting The Honeycomb online! Be sure and visit the online store, and if you love oils, i highly recommend this necklace as a new way to utilize your oils!



*I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are solely my own.*


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