ALASKA TRAVEL ESSENTIALS I consider myself somewhat of a self-proclaimed AK Travel Expert. I have been there a total of four times (Including the trip I am on now). My sister lives there, so I am not that special, but it is pretty awesome to have a sister who lives in such a unique location.

These are some of my go-to essentials for the stylish gal! Thankfully, i don’t have to dress practically because my sister just gives me cloths and boots galore. So, if you are really traveling to AK, you might not be able to travel this light, but these are definitely some carry-on essentials that i can’t travel without!

True Story: She has a cabin that you can only get to by airplane or snow mobile. Luckily, she has an airplane, so i am actually getting to go there this week. There is NO plumbing, so i have to use an out house. If you know anything about me, you know this is a major stretch for Fancy. I didn’t make it up to the cabin this time, but am looking forward to going out there on my next visit!

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This Stella and Dot Get-a-Way bag is my go-to carry on. It actually unzips at the bottom and gets SUPER HUGE, but i have had mine for three years and it is still in great shape! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a stylish carry-on that is functional.


This is my go-to piece of jewelry for AK. I have this piece in silver and it says AMRO (For Amy and RyRo). LOVE this engrave-able bar from Stella and Dot! 


A good read is a MUST. The flight is 10 Hours long from Houston. I haven’t read this yet but can not wait to purchase it and read it! 


UGGs are the way to go. They are SO warm and comfy. I don’t own any BUT my sister has this pair, and i borrow them while i am there. They are like walking on clouds. Pure Heaven.


These are my go-to pants. I layer them with long johns underneath, but they are so comfortable and comfort is a MUST in AK. 


Baby Lips lip balm is a life saver. It makes your lips feel SOOOOO smooth and warm. I am so glad my friend introduced me to this last year. It is literally a MUST HAVE that i always carry in my purse now. 


Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are the best.They leave you feeling refreshed especially when you are roughing it in the Alaskan wild!  


Get in the spirit of the Alaskan Aurora  with these gorgeous Elle Earrings from Kendra Scott. They are perfection and add a touch of glam to your outfit without being too much. I have the tinier version of these which i plan on wearing, but these are just too gorgeous not to pack. 


A warm hat is a MUST. With temps in the teens and below, you have to keep those ears and head warm!!!! This hat is just too cute. Thankfully, i don’t have to bring hardly anything with me. My sister pretty much outfits me.


A cute plane outfit is a must. This time, i wore this amazing sweater and my Yoga Leggings with my Kendra Scott Earrings and some snow boots! Comfort and style are everything. And this sweater was too awesome not to wear on my flight.


A stylish, functional set of headphones. The DIGI Players that you can purchase on the plane that have movies are my lifesaver. These headphones are the perfect addition to any outfit.





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